Server or Cloud Fleet Management system

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Server Installation or Cloud Service Fleet Management system

We provide two types of Transport Plus implementation – Server Installation or Cloud Service.


This integration is installed on server owned by the client.This type of integration can be used by an unlimited number of users and vehicles and equipment. The client purchases a single server license for a single business entity for an unlimited period of time.


Training The “Server” implementation of Transport Plus includes key user training depending on the purchased modules. The training is executed using user manuals and the project technical documentation.


The “Server” implementation of Transport Plus includes 8 weeks of warranty support from the moment the system “goes live” with the client. As an extra we offer Yearly Fee Support which is priced at 15% of the price of the implemented modules . This support guarantees incidental technical support error correction and up-to-date pathing and upgrading of the system with all additions and updates of the product during the support period.


This integration is installed on server owned by Rila Solutions and is provided as a Cloud service. The client uses the system trough a web browser and an internet connection.


Training when you choose the Cloud version is done online using suitable services – TeamViewer,Skype… The client also receives user manuals.


The support of the Cloud integration is given to the client for the entire period of usage. Support consists of incidental technical support and error correction.

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